Andre Agassi


The primary functions of sportswear on the whole are functionality and ease of movement, apart from ice skates that is which seem to make the ice even slippier but that’s another story.

Then come the aesthetic and design which until the emergence of Andre Agassi completed the list, when he added ATTITUDE.

A splash of colour wasn’t unheard of pre Andre but acid wash denim shorts were… I guess the question in relation to such an item is why? And I suppose the obvious answer is why not? Which seems to be the mantra for the majority of Andre’s sporting get ups throughout the eighties.

You’d have thought that having had the standard set for them, subsequent generations of players would go on to build upon Andre’s legacy and continue to push the boundaries… but no, thanks to Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and co it’s as if Andre and his fuck it attitude to convention never happened, pity.